Basic research methodology training at University of Dawei

Project Titile: Basic Research Methodology Training

Date: 26,27,28 July 2019

Location: Dawei University, Tanintharyi Region

Research data reliability is necessary in promoting social and political scenarios. Therefore, we have been organizing research training in cooperation with universities and external research experts since recent years. Because research resource demand is increased to support Myanmar political transition. Among NEI 2019 programs, Dawei University Research training is involved as an activity. As Dawei Region is isolated from mainland Myanmar, education personnel are not willing to serve there. Consequently, the students’ access to academic support was left far behind in comparison with mainland Myanmar. So, the Rector of Dawei University requested NEI to organize basic research methodology training for master level and final year students, to upgrade research concepts and required skills to her students. Through this training, Dawei local students will be intimated with research skills applying for their region.

Basic research methodology training purpose is to harness Social Capital for State Building, promote research practice and culture and develop society with skilled researchers. The period of the training was designed for 3 days and delivered at lecture method. Subject covered with Qualitative Method, Research Ethic, Basic Research Method, Sampling and Hypothesis. Participants learned about the classification of research, method of constructing questionnaires and research ethics. As the additional activity, group discussions, gallery display and brainstorming games were added. The participants will be able to apply research knowledge in upcoming university research projects and research quality is more qualified than the previous research practices.

Konarad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS) Myanmar funded Basic Research Methodology Training at Dawei University. Training was organized by NEI in cooperation with Dawei University. NEI took the role as training coordinator and facilitation. Dawei University took the role as organizing participants for the training.