Today, Myanmar is transforming into democratically ruling country by 2010 changing process. According to the new political system (Democratic System) and to level up the development of country’s situation with the other democracy countries, Myanmar citizens have to enforce the state building process.

We, NEI, consider that state building is making the development of social, economic and the political stability.
According to 2008 constitution, Myanmar political system has been changed to get new model of government lead by President and a new Parliament represented by the People. They check and balance each other and make fair economic policies which every citizen can involve for the State’s economic development. Citizens can see the actions of government and parliament making political stability such as ending civil war, founding Myanmar Peace Centre, making national reconciliation and accepting agree to disagree.

A nation’s economic system can change due to its political system and vice versa. Therefore, a nation can develop with the political stability and also without development if there is no political stability. This is one of the importance of state building process.

As a geographical gift, Myanmar gets a best situation of geographical politics and rich in natural resources, it has the opportunity to develop speedily. So, Myanmar citizens must try to build the State with enormous effort.
However, Myanmar lacks a great number of skillful human resources to build up the nation’s condition.
As the Mon state is situated in south-east region of Myanmar; it becomes center of east-west platform of Asia. Therefore, people in Mon state meet the challenges and opportunities in inevitable conditions. As the result, the lack of human resources must be refilled unexceptionally.


To fulfill the requirements of the Nation building, we established the National Enlightenment Institute with the following strategies-

  • State Building
  • Human Resource Development
  • Management Skills
  • Governmental Studies
  • Leadership Skills


  • To upgrade the knowledge of social, economic, political problems and, find out the solutions cooperatively.
  • To improve the sense of social responsibility among the people and create the open space society.
  • To develop the nation with democratic culture, nationalism and qualify stakeholders.


Upgrade Knowledge, Wider Space and Social Responsibility


  • Sharing and teaching the knowledge and behaviour of statesmanship, good citizenship and improve the quality and capacity of human resources.
  • Engaging the regional industries, businesses, academics and students with the political, social and economic areas to get synergy effects for regional development through workshops, intellectual talks and seminars.
  • Enforcing the Public Administration Policies, we run the research projects to reflect the needs of the region, observe the process of state government, state parliament and state judiciary offices, and advocate the policies for the people’s convenient lives.

National Enlightenment Institute’s Partner Organization

  • Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (Germany)
  • Electroal Reform International Services (London)
  • U.S Embassy (Yangon, Myanmar)
  • Myanmar Egress Capacity Development Centre (Yangon, Myanmar)
  • Kamayut Media
  • Mon State Chamber of Commerce and Industrial (MSCCI)

Organization Chart