Market Economies Survey Project

In opening its borders to the world, Myanmar has chosen to advance its development by adopting a market economy.


Given the country’s brief history with socialism, its much longer experience under a brutally enduring military dictatorship, its destructive and ongoing dance with ‘crony’ capitalism, and more recently efforts to develop the nations economy as an emerging democracy; NEI conducted a series of surveys to find out what people at the community level know and understand about market economies.


This initiative funded by K.A.S asked over 300 respondents throughout Mon State, what is their understanding of market economies, and what should be the role of governments and other stakeholders?


NEI conducted 3 surveys between 2013 and 2016 asking business people, government representatives, civil society leaders and youth, a set of questions to explore these important questions.  The survey was wide ranging asking respondents questions such as;


  • Which sectors of society should be in control of the country’s economic development?


  • What are the factors delaying the countries development?


  • What are the challenges facing the private sector?


  • What are the potential opportunities for business and economic development?


  • How well understood is the taxation system and how might it be improved?


  • Who should be responsible for social services delivery?


  • What is the perception of governmental capacities to advance a market economy in the country?


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