Mapping the work of CSO’s, INGO’s and the Mon State Government

Myanmar today is one of the world’s largest recipients of international development assistance, often referred to simply as “aid”.  Much of this is administered by international non-governmental agencies (INGO’s).   At the same time there are many local civil society organizations (CSO’s) and government departments that are actively supporting the country’s development at the community level.


Not surprisingly, initiatives in any one sector, be it healthcare, human rights, conflict transformation or the development of democratic governance can sometimes take place without due consideration of similar or parallel efforts being advanced by local CSO’s, INGO’s or governmental departments.


To help understand who is doing what, NEI has produced a booklet illustrating a variety of  development work underway in townships throughout Mon State.  The booklet groups this work by thematic categories and highlights  more than 70 CSO’s and over a dozen INGO’s who have active projects  under specific themes.  In addition the booklet identifies relevant government departments mandated to regulate and assist in the development of the State.


Click here to download the booklet.