Building a Commodities Exchange Centre for Mawlaymine

In 2019, NEI brought together a group of key stakeholders in Mawlaymine to explore potential to develop a commodities exchange center (CEC) in the city.


A CEC is a platform for trading in agricultural goods and raw materials.


Commodity exchanges bring together buyers; sellers, producers, traders & dealers; not to fix prices or make profits, rather to register the prices commodities are getting in real time in the marketplace.


A commodities exchange is an open platform allowing for demand and supply forces to register the prices of specific commodities


NEI realizes that CEC’s offer communities important advantages for economic development. This includes,


  • Provides a stable marketplace that offers continuity
  • Regulates trading
  • Collects and disseminates market information
  • Grades commodities
  • Enhances food security
  • Lessens risks for commodity producers
  • Helps advance an economy –particularly an agricultural or commodity based economy


In 2019, NEI organized a study tour for  30+ stakeholders  to observe and learn from CEC’s operating in parts of Myanmar and China.

Click here for the study tour report.


Click here for a PPT presentation outlining the background of commodity exchange centers.