2015 Workshop

” The Role of Political Parties and Election Workshop” March 30 to 31


“Good Governance and Local Government” June 18 to 19 2015


“Local Development and Local Government” -July 23 to 24 2015

In this workshop we invite the participants from as below.
1. Township Development Supporting Committee – 2 persons from 10 townships
2. Township Municipal Committee – 2 persons from 10 townships
3. General Administration Department – 2 persons from 10 townships
4. Mon State Hluttaw – 20 persons
5. Mon State based Civil Societies Organization – 10 persons
Mon State has 10 townships and 4 committees in each township.

In this workshop days total participants 104 were attended include guest speakers and event organizer team. We organized and arranged accommodation, and reimburse travel charges and dinner fees to guest speakers and some participants who are not living in Mawlamyine and arrange ferry for those participants to send hotel to workshop place. In these 2 days, we provided lunch, coffee and snacks for 2 sessions as refreshment.

23.7.2015 (Thursday)
At starting date of Workshop, its honor to accept the address from U Kyin Pe (Speaker of Mon State Hluttaw) and he also explain about local development and how the local government can work. NEI introduced and explained about the partner organizations and the purpose of organizing this workshop, NEI institution and missions and the supporter of this project (KAS). The participants were introducing themselves and we take a coffee break.
In a first day seminar session, guest speaker from the advisor of ADB project in GMS, Mr.Maxime Riot (project advisor) talk on GMS project for how can develop the regional area. This topic is very news and raising awareness on local economic development and more new business innovation idea for participants to study about regional and international experiences.

Discussion question:  what kind of issue they can implement and how to achieve the goals.

They are discussed and present the following issues;
1. Transportation infrastructure is better than the past
2. The school building are increase and modify the teaching equipment and furniture
3. People participation in local development
4. Health policy and infrastructure forward to develop
5. Institution were organized by community oriented approach
6. Reduce of poverty program has been formed
7. Health, Education budget is increased
8. Stable in regional area
9. Higher living standard
10. Civil Societies Groups are developed
11. Good relation between the bureaucrat and committee

1. Still need to aware and care “Ecosystem”
2. Rule and regulation need to amend for committee
3. Unbalance ratio between teacher and students in education system
4. Transparency is weak in government projects
5. Centralized system is still strong
6. Socio economic of the people has not been formed well
7. More technician and technical assist needed for development
8. Top down system
9. Less of capacity
10. Mistrust between administration office and CSOs

1. More liberalize
2. Decentralization process is better
3. More workshop and seminar is organized (or) more empower capacity programs
4. Farmers can own their farm, land and farm policy is develop
5. Asean Economic Community

1. Rule of laws
2. Corruptions and bribery
3. Trade balance and selling of raw material
4. Can’t produce the Value added product
5. Accountability and transparency are weakness
6. Power sharing and clear define duty and responsibilities

Participants are discussed on their vision for long term and short term for their regional area;
1. Urban planning and projecting
2. Project for purified drinking water
3. Budget housing project for grassroots level
4. To implement industrial farming
5. To create job vacancy opportunities
6. To build new highway road in Mon State
7. To protect the disaster
8. Democratization
9. Federalization
10. To reform strong and effective bureaucracy
11. To form the systematic municipal system

Most of the similar commitment from the participants and townships are –
1. To build combination industries zone for value added product
2. To formed the deep sea port in Mon State for transit trade
3. To develop the research and development for agricultural product
4. Enforce to develop the hotel and tourism business in Mon State
5. To prepare in advanced education system development
6. To develop the commodity exchange center
7. To produce modify rubber product
8. To transform the agriculture system
9. To enforce to produce high quality salt
10. Prevention to usage of fertilizer systematically for maintain the land and ecosystem

According to their evaluation, they are willing to do their state for development and to commit to build the economic superstructure. We understand that come of the situation is depend on power sharing process and structure between the union level and local level institution and also state level and township level. They would like to attend this stakeholder workshop regularly for strong network and good working relationship between their townships.