National Enlightenment Institute-NEI has been established as a nonprofit political organization based in Mon State since 2012. We are registered under the General Administration Department of the State.

Myanmar is an emerging democracy.  There are many stakeholders committed to helping in the transition from a military dictatorship into a full-fledged democracy. Civil society organizations like NEI are actively building the capacity of local communities and institutions to strengthen our governance structures through public policy research, training and advocacy.

NEI is committed to moving Myanmar forward and is gradually re-positioning itself, by building on our successful history as a training institute within Mon State, to become a leading local think tank.

By upholding our core values of Professionalism, Inclusiveness and Integrity, NEI will increasingly focus its research and training on activities that promote Good governance, Policy Advocacy and Capacity Building that benefits Mon State and the country as a united whole.

NEI is active in southern Myanmar (Mon, Kayin States and Tanintharyi Region) Our capacity building programs target State and Regional governments departments, parliamentarians, civil society organizations and the Micro, Small & Medium Enterprise  (MSME) communities.

Over the last 7 years, NEI has designed and delivered programming that has enhanced public awareness, promoted social mobilization and informed civic engagement on a range of progressive economic reform issues and democratic nation building.

Key training activities include Capacity Building in Political Leadership, Peace Education, Economic Growth, Policy Engagement, Social Cohesion and Need’s Assessment Research.

Our primary audiences include; the Regional Parliament, Regional Government Departments, Regional Business Associations and CSOs, and youth from university level in Mon and Kayin States as well as Taninthayi Region. Many of NEI’s programs are organized in cooperation with allied stakeholders using an inclusiveness program design and delivery model.

NEI’s programming raises participants’ awareness on critical public policy issues necessary to support a democratic governance system.  Our advocacy and policy engagement approach strategically involves relevant stakeholder groups especially key decision makers, practitioners at the policy implementation level and other directly impacted stakeholders.

For instance, NEI was the lead organizer in the Taninthayi Region and assisted Mon and Karen States in the development of their respective SME Agency Action Plans. We have successfully organized over 180 significant programs and trainings for over 13,000 participants over the last 7 years.

We have done this while developing constructive relationships with the current and previous State and Union level governments.


To fulfill the requirements of the Nation building, we established the National Enlightenment Institute with the following strategies-

  • State Building
  • Human Resource Development
  • Management Skills
  • Governmental Studies
  • Leadership Skills


  • To upgrade the knowledge of social, economic, political problems and, find out the solutions cooperatively.
  • To improve the sense of social responsibility among the people and create the open space society.
  • To develop the nation with democratic culture, nationalism and qualify stakeholders.


Upgrade Knowledge, Widen Space and Promote Society


  • Sharing and teaching the knowledge and behaviour of statesmanship, good citizenship and improve the quality and capacity of human resources.
  • Engaging the regional industries, businesses, academics and students with the political, social and economic areas to get synergy effects for regional development through workshops, intellectual talks and seminars.
  • Enforcing the Public Administration Policies, we run the research projects to reflect the needs of the region, observe the process of state government, state parliament and state judiciary offices, and advocate the policies for the people’s convenient lives.

National Enlightenment Institute’s Partner Organization

  • Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (Germany)
  • Mawlamyine Commodity Center


Organization Chart

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