2020 – Election ‘s Dashboard (Mon State)

Program summary of Mon State Election Dashboard

The 2020 general election is the third election in Myanmar since the enactment of the 2008 constitution.

Myanmar is a country that is moving away from successive military regimes and strives for full democratic governance. It is important to keep moving forward to achieve this goal.

Different organizations and scholars offer different perspectives on the mechanics of democratic elections. In essence, what can be agreed upon is that it is a selection process of parliamentary representatives to serve in the country’s governance system.

General elections are a system in which the people elect their representatives who form governments.

The right to vote can be exercised by every eligible citizen.

Adequate access to reliable and accurate information is essential for the people to be able to cast informed ballots. This precondition is essential for electoral transparency and accountability. Both access and the credibility of the information helps to combat electoral propaganda and misinformation.

In addition, the electorate must be informed about the processes operating in their community to select their representatives during an election. Knowing the right information can be very helpful in making the right decisions.

Free and fair elections are essential for good governance.

Free and fair elections that provide reliable electoral information to the people is essential to Burma’s democratic development. The National Enlightenment Institute (NEI) aims to address that requirement in this sector.

The National Enlightenment Institute (NEI) launched the 2020 General Election Info Desk project to disseminate reliable information on the Mon State 2020 general election.

The project uses a variety of infographics and data visualizations which are easy-to-understand, and help the electorate to understand the context of electoral promises, while also hearing the voices of political party candidates.

We have also successfully implemented campaigns to mobilize people to exercise their right vote and to share relevant information with the public.

Elections can be subject to disinformation or fake news and we took measures to control misinformation, while also urging the electorate to maintain a critical eye on what can be erroneous information circulated on social media platforms.

This document is intended to be a compilation of NEI project documents which we hope can be used in future elections to help ensure free, fair and informed elections that represent the democratic will of the citizens of Myanmar.

Click here to download the booklet in Myanmar Version.